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We were able to comprehend the difficulties faced by both the students and teachers in order to access relevant resources and study materials and sufficient and appropriate guidance for there learning and teaching process. Many resources are dispersed and decentralised in many locations and even in various other web portals but accessing them timely, efficiently and effectively is the most common problem faced by many.

Therefore we decided to put a closure for this common yet a foremost issue in the near future which led us to come up with the idea of designing and developing a web portal ‘AGARAM.LK’ which would function as a guidance and supporting platform for students and teachers who are keen in learning in a more efficient and economical manner.

This e-learning platform is going to  be a solution for obtain a safer and renowned platform for accessing resources on time, having discussions with tutors and students and it incorporates the well renowned institutions of Sri Lanka connected through this web portal with the intention of sharing resources and knowledge through discussions and effective communication with one another, and also deals with the issue of obtaining studying materials and digitalised past papers for subjects which have rare number of tuition providers and resource personals for learning and teaching process.

On the whole we are proud to say that ‘AGARAM.LK’ is a complete package of all necessary resources which assists anybody who are with great dreams and interest to achieve there goals through proper and high quality education facilities.


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